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"With an experience of over 15 Years, We are a team of Professionals from various Industry background such as Motion & vision design, Analog circuit design, Mechatronics, Photonics, Software Development, System Integration, Test & Measurement. Combining these different experiences and Knowledge, we are going beyond extra miles with our innovative technology and best solutions to deliver success and satisfaction to our clients.
Continous Development: Our professional development is a personal journey and unique. We constantly updating our professional knowledge throughout our working life. This requires self direction, self management and responsiveness to the development opportunities offered by our real work experience. We encourage our team to continually improve themselves and to take on new challenges.

Customer Care: LASERTEK believe that customer care is a keystone of our success. A team of responsive, dedicated experts are always there to attend your technical queries. End Users can contact our Customer Care team by E-mail, Fax or telephone as below to share your concern.

TEL: +65-6742-8260                               FAX: +65-6742-3719

Mission Statement

Its our mission to explore the opportunities -where there is a demand of Innovation & Technology - We will be there.

About Us

LaserTek Singapore Pte. Ltd. was founded in June 2003 with a capital investment of SGD 2.5 million. Our goal is to provide customers with the best solutions to achieve satisfactory results.

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