A Laser Scriber


The laser scriber provides high speed full automatically scribing  on ceramic substrat via a dual axles high accurate linear motors to position substrates and cooperate with the high power IR laser to perform high statbility, uniformity scribe lines.


The machine was design to accurately scribe the score lines on ceramic substrate for 0201 chip resistors on 60mmx50mm or larger ceramic substrate.To achieve the application, the machine output high speed synchronize-phase foucusing laser pulse to remove specific material on ceramic subtstrate

Optimum Result

(Depend on scribing pattern and hardness or substrates)

Speed : 100-150 mm/sec (depend on depth, at this speed achieve the depth 60-75pm)

Depth : 75Ωm   depend on speed, at speed 100-150 m/s gets the depth 60-75 ) Accumulated difference for top/bottom score lines : <5Ωm                                                               

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